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Aiming for the best comfort from the very first days of motherhood, we have created the innovative Lionelo Fidi Free breast pump, which simulates the natural pumping of breastmilk. This revolutionary solution will ensure that breastmilk pumping will no longer keep you up at night. Apart from being intuitive to use, it also has a massage function and, most importantly, it runs hands-free. This way you will be able to save time, which is so important when nursing your baby. All you have to do is put the device behind your bra shell and you can successfully carry out all your daily activities.

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Save the time

Our breast pump is a hands-free and fully portable device. It can pump your breastmilk while you work, study, relax or do household chores. The battery life allows for a full day of use. This will save you up to 3h a day. And we all know how important any free moment is for a new mum. The device offers two modes: pro-lactation massage with 5 different levels of intensity and breastmilk pumping. The pumping force is as high as 0.031 kPa – a value comparable to classic electronic breast pumps.

 Lionelo Fidi Go

A perfect set for you and your baby

The Lionelo Fidi Free breast pump kit includes three funnels in three different sizes. They are made of skin-friendly silicone material. You will be able to keep the breast pump clean without any trouble. All elements that require cleaning can be easily sterilised or scalded. They contain no harmful chemicals and are BPA-free. The product complies with all EU required standards.

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Quiet and energy-efficient

The Lionelo Fidi Free breast pump runs very quietly. Its volume does not exceed 50 dB, which is lower than the volume of an average conversation. A special function allows you to suspend the operation and save energy, and a built-in controller will make the device switch off automatically after 30 minutes.

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Intuitive design

Built-in LEDs indicate whether the breast pump is switched on and will inform you of the battery level. Thanks to this, you will always know when the breast pump needs to be plugged in for charging.

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More Information
BPA freeYes
Working mode2
Battery indicatorYes
Capacity150 ml
Power supplyUSB-C; 5V, 2A
Product weight300g
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