Lionelo Nebi Air Mask White - Nebulizer


Mobile nebulizer Lionelo Nebi Air Mask

Nebi Air Mask is a professional, light and compact nebulizer – convenient at home and on trips. The membrane technology can efficiently treat infections of the upper respiratory tract, while the innovative structure with handy elastics allows you to use the nebulizer without hands. This provides the child with considerable assistance as it can read a book, draw or do a jigsaw during the treatment.

Lionelo Nebi Air Mask

Handy medical device

Nebi Air Mask is a certified medical equipment used for home nebulizations with drugs or saline solutions. The nebulizer breaks particles to the size of 3-4 um at a speed of 0,25-0,45 ml per minute, which applies not only to cold but also allergies and chronic respiratory tract diseases.

Handy medical device

Wireless nebulization for up to 60 min

The device has a built-in storage battery, charged through a USB cable, which can be connected to the charger, PC or powerbank. In case of a flat battery, 35 minutes of charging is enough to make sure Nebi Air Mask is again ready for use. When full, the battery guarantees a 60-minute continuous operation, which translates into about 6 single nebulization cycles.

Useful set for a child and parent

The set includes 2 masks – for a child and adult as well as a mouthpiece for increased functionality. The drug container with a capacity of 6 ml assures continuous inhalation, with no need to refill the drug. Thanks to a handy case, you can take the device on a trip, whereas a practical box facilitates storage and prevents dirt. It is advisable to replace the membrane after 30 days of use.


Lionelo Nebi Air Mask


More Information
ModelLionelo Nebi Air Mask White
Power supplyDC4.8V , USB 5.0V
Noise level>30 dB
CertificatesTUV, SGS
Product weight0,1 kg
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