Your new baby monitor

Thanks to its unique design and shape, you can mount it almost everywhere.

Babyline Smart sitting


Babyline Smart hanging


Babyline Smart wrapping itself around


Babyline Smart climbing


Babyline Smart watching


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Discover all the possibilities

Babyline Smart intelligent crying detection

Intelligent crying detection

You will be informed immediately when something unexpected happens

Babyline Smart - Good visibility at night

Good visibility at night

The camera adapts to the night mode with visibility up to 10 m

Babyline Smart - Two-way communication

Two-way communication

You can calm your baby with the sound of your voice at any time

Babyline Smart - Putting baby to sleep made easier

Putting baby to sleep made easier

When putting your baby to sleep, you can play familiar melodies or white noise

Babyline Smart - Temperature sensor and recorder

Temperature sensor and recorder

Will be perfect during the baby’s nap in the fresh air

Babyline Smart - Ability to record videos and take photos

Ability to record videos and take photos

You will not miss the most important developmental moments in your baby’s life

Universal cover

Perfectly completes
the children’s room

To use Lionelo Babyline Smart
you use a modern app

Babyline Smart - modern app

Reliable care during the day and night wherever you are

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