Lionelo Stefi Plus Pink Yellow – Cot 2 in 1


Lionelo Stefi Plus Pink Yellow travel cot

Lionelo Stefi Plus Pink Yellow travel cot is a 2-in-1 product that combines the functions of a travel cot and playpen. In this way, it creates a unique space for the child not only to rest, but also to play carefree under the supervision of a parent. What's more, your baby doesn't have to part with its sanctuary because you can easily fold the cot and take it with you on the go

Modern 2-in-1 solution

The Stefi Plus cot is perfect for home and travel. You can also easily move it to the balcony or garden. You can quickly and easily fold the product to a compact size, and fit it into the practical carry bag included in the set. Two wheels make it easy to move, allowing the cot to be used in different places. The Lionelo Stefi Plus Pink Yellow travel cot is suitable for a toddler from day 1 until they are 36 months old, or reach 15kg in weight.

Guarantee of safe and comfortable sleep

For a comfortable and healthy sleep of your child, the right mattress is key. It should be of medium firmness and give even support to the whole body. That's why we present our new innovative mattress - a real breakthrough in the travel crib market! With Lionelo you don't have to compromise! The mattress is made of flexible foam with a density of T25 (25kg/m³) and a thickness of 2 cm, placed on a base of wooden planks. This provides stable support for the child's body along its entire length, regardless of the sleeping position. In addition, the material features improved dent strength and resistance to deformation. The excellent properties of polyurethane foam also ensure proper air permeability, and thus excellent thermal insulation, plus it does not retain moisture. From now on, you too can sleep peacefully, whether you use the travel crib occasionally on trips or as your baby's permanent sleeping place, because your baby is provided with the best conditions for deep, regenerative sleep.

A place to rest and play

In the Lionelo Stefi Plus Pink Yellow travel cot, your baby will find space to rest and play without a care in the world. The frame of the cot has been constructed in such a way that the toddler is safe even when learning to stand up. The tubes are on the outside and the cover on the inside. Even when a child falls over, it is not exposed to the hard elements. That is why there will no longer be a need for any additional wraps or protectors. This is a clean space for the child to use.

Additional advantages

The lightweight but stable steel construction will keep your toddler safe, while the mesh sides ensure adequate airflow. Two wheels make it easy to move, allowing the cot to be used in different places. Favourite toys and essential accessories can be stored in the side pocket and are always close at hand. The raised design of the cot insulates the child from contact with the cold ground. A zipped side entrance also works well in the playpen function. If it gets dirty, you can easily clean the cover.



More Information
OptionsHeight level adjustment, Folding, Detachable side, Side exit, Mattress
Age range0-36 months
Maximum child weight15 kg
Dimensions 125 x 65 x 76 cm
Height adjustment2 levels
Product weight9kg
Construction Steel
Akcesoria w zestawieMattress
Transport bag
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