Lionelo Thermup Grey Stone - bottle warmer 5 in 1


Convenient device 5in1

The bottle warmer Lionelo Thermup adapts to parent’s and child’s needs. It allows you to prepare modified milk and mother’s milk fast and safely. 5 practical functions adjust the device temperature to the type of food, allowing you to defrost or preheat food for your baby. What is more, constant temperature for 24 hours lets you quickly serve warm milk to your child.

Podgrzewacz Lionelo Thermup - wymiary

Healthy and safe

The thermostat and fuse secure the device against overheating. In case of lack of water in the tank or too high temperature, Thermup deactivates automatically. Sterilization which results in death of 99,9% of bacteria helps you take care of hygiene of baby accessories. Safe manufacture, without bisphenol A, is also a sign of care for baby’s health. The product complies with requirements of EU directives.

User-friendly touch panel

A clear panel facilitates the use. All you need to do is pour water into the container, place the food in the basket and select a suitable problem which adapts the temperature to the type of food heated. LED light signals the end of work. Thermup keeps a suitable temperature until the device is deactivated. The bottle warmer Lionelo Thermup takes little space and can clearly help you feed your baby. A basket with a holder will assist you in taking a hot bottle or jar out, with no scalding risk. A handy sterilization container lets you take care of cleanliness and performs well during quick warming. The device is powered through a cable from the electric socket.


Podgrzewacz Lionelo Thermup - wymiary


More Information
ModelLionelo Thermup Grey Stone
BPA freeYes
Working modeHeating milk, warming jars, quick heating, thawing, sterilizing
Heating timeHeats up quickly in as little as 2.5 minutes
Heating temperatureTemperature range up to 100°C
Heat maintainingMilk and water up to 24 hours
Temperature sensorNo
Heating elementPlate with PTC technology
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