Lionelo Aart Beige Latte - child safety seat 0-36 kg


Handy child safety seat for any car

Lionelo Aart is the child safety seat which provides a wide range of adjustment variants – perfect for many years of use. You can carry your child in a rear-facing position until it is 18 kg heavy and in a forward-facing position until the age of about 12 (up to 36 kg). A flexible structure grows together with the child, making a small passenger feel comfortable both during short drives to the kindergarten or school, and long trips during vacations. Thanks to a universal installation system based on belts, Aart child safety seat is suitable for any car.

Safe structure

Energy-intensive materials used to manufacture the child safety seat raise security of your child in case of road accidents. Emphasis must also be placed on the headrest structure reinforced with glass fiber which fully protects the child’s head from the back and sides, while a 13-level height adjustment perfectly adapts it to the traveler’s height. 5-point safety belts integrated with the headrest guarantee suitable fastening of the child. The product complies with the European standard ECE R44/04.

0-36 kg Lionelo Aart Beige Latte

Universal installation

A handy child seat is installed in an easy and convenient way with the use of car seat belts. If RWF (rear-facing position) is set, a correct passage of belts is marked through blue guides. In case the child is transported in a forward-facing position, the correct installation is determined by red indicators which exclude the wrong assembly risk. Low weight – 6,2 kg – lets you easily move the child safety seat between cars.

Lionelo Aart Beige Latte - child safety seat 0-36 kg

Comfort while traveling together

A wide range of adjustment variants – 3 inclination levels in a forward-facing position and a comfortable half-lying position when going in a rear-facing position is a sign of care for the child’s comfort while taking a nap in the car. The handy seat liner adapts the child safety seat to the baby, while an additional lumbar support allows lifting the baby’s back to a flat position which assures suitable position of the backbone. The upholstery can be removed and washed to provide cleanliness throughout the life of the product.

0-36 kg Lionelo Aart Beige Latte


 0-36 kg Lionelo Aart        


More Information
ModelLionelo Aart Beige Latte
Weight range0-36 kg
Age rangefrom 0m+
Standards ECE R44.04
Mounting methodCar belt
Mounting directionFront and rear facing
Dimensions45x51x49-75 cm
FunctionsInclination adjustment, Headrest adjustment
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