Lionelo Bastiaan RWF i-Size Black Carbon - child safety seat i-Size


Lionelo Bastiaan RWF i-Size Black Carbon car seat

The Lionelo Bastiaan RWF i-Size Black Carbon is a swivel car seat that complies with the latest R129 (i-Size) standard. Its safety is confirmed by independent crash tests, conducted under much more stringent conditions than required by the i-Size standard itself. Its wide height range – from 40 to 150 cm – makes it a versatile choice that will serve you for years to come. In addition, the seat also features easy and intuitive installation, thanks to the ISOFIX system and Top Tether belt. The 360°EasyTurn function is sure to be appreciated by any parent!

Lionelo Bastiaan RWF i-Size Black Carbon car seat

Safety confirmed in crash tests!

Lionelo Bastiaan RWF i-Size car seat has been subjected to crash tests performed at the Dutch center TASS International, under the analogous conditions used by the famous German research institute, known for awarding star ratings to car seats. These conditions are much more stringent than the requirements imposed by the latest i-Size standard. This is because the simulation of a frontal collision is conducted at 64km/h, which is higher than the current standard (50km/h). Our commissioned tests confirm that the Lionelo Bastiaan RWF i-Size car seat provides 23% more protection for the child's head – at 28% more speed – than required by the current standards. Thus, Lionelo Bastiaan RWF i-Size becomes synonymous with safety and reliability.

Lionelo Bastiaan RWF i-Size Black Carbon car seat

Dedicated solutions for greater safety

Your child's safety is a priority during any car trip, even the shortest one. That's why the Lionelo Bastiaan RWF i-Size Black Carbon car seat attaches using the ISOFIX system and Top Tether belt - making its installation not only easy and fast, but above all correct. As research has shown, the correct installation of the car seat directly affects its safety level – this is why the ISOFIX system informs the user that the car seat is correctly installed – the color green then appears on the mounting tags. In the event of bad installation, it remains red.

Specialists also agree that placing the seat in the RWF (rear-facing) position is much safer. Importantly, in our seat the child can travel this way until it reaches 105 cm. We recommend changing the setting only after the indicated height is exceeded (riding in the forward-facing position is possible from 100 to 150 cm).

In the design of the Bastiaan RWF i-Size car seat, we also used a number of dedicated safety systems, such as the headrest made with Tri-Guard technology. It is built from a combination of 3 different layers of materials, such as EPS polystyrene and Memory Foam, which is characterized by extraordinary resilience, so it is great at absorbing any strain. Meanwhile, the headrest itself wraps around the child's head, ensuring the safety of this most injury-prone part of the body. In addition, the use of advanced side protection protects the child during unforeseen traffic incidents.

Lionelo Bastiaan RWF i-Size Black Carbon car seat

For the comfort of the child and the comfort of the parent

Now that you're sure that your child is safe with our car seat, it's also worth noting the second determinant of the perfect car seat - namely, comfort. The Lionelo Bastiaan RWF i-Size Black Carbon car seat offers up to four degrees of backrest tilt adjustment, both in forward and rear-facing installation. Thanks to the anti-rotation frame, in the rear-facing position, the child has more legroom.

The seat has a system of protective shoulder belt pads and a central buckle, so the belts do not pinch the child. Meanwhile, for additional comfort, the car seat's seating is covered with EPE foam.

Every parent will appreciate the ease of use, which is provided, among other things, by the handy 360°EasyTurn function, thanks to which buckling your child into the seat and taking it out of the car is easy and convenient. What's more, the aforementioned Top Tether, which is mounted on the anti-rotation frame, does not interfere with the rotation of the seat – another advantage that makes everyday use easier. But that's not all – special magnets have been hidden in the cushions, the seat's 5-point harness and in the headrest, so that the harness doesn't interfere with us during installation, and you can easily place your child in the car. In addition, the central mechanism for adjusting the internal belts makes it easy to tighten them at the touch of a hand.

Lionelo Bastiaan RWF i-Size Black Carbon car seat

Grows with your child

The Lionelo Bastiaan RWF i-Size car seat will serve you from birth until your child reaches 150 cm in height. The product grows with the toddler, adapting to its size and requirements, making it a 4-in-1 model - up to four height ranges are combined in one seat.

In addition, with the smallest children in mind, the seat has been equipped with reducing inserts with the Dri-Seat ventilation system applied, which flattens the seat, guaranteeing the child an anatomically correct position. In addition, the optimal seat tilt angle in the RWF setting ensures comfort and proper body positioning throughout the trip.

In the seat, the height adjustment of the headrest has been integrated with the height adjustment of the seat belts, so you can adjust the seat to the growing baby in one motion. The wide seat provides older children with comfort during the trip. And the practical storage compartment allows you to hide the inner harness without removing it.

Lionelo Bastiaan RWF i-Size Black Carbon car seat


More Information
Weight range0-36 kg
Growth range40 - 150 cm
StandardsECE R129
Mounting methodIsofix + Top Tether and / or car safety belts
Mounting directionFront and rear facing
MaterialConstruction: Polypropylene (PP) + EPS; Headrest: EPS + memory foam; Upholstery: 100% Polyester
Conforming to I-SizeYes
Additional informationReduction insert
Car safety seat weight12 kg
FunctionsRotary, Inclination adjustment, Headrest adjustment
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