Lionelo Malin Evo - cot 3 in 1


Always close to a parent

Lionelo Malin is an inconspicuous product which proves to be a true support to parents of a newborn baby and older children. Since the product is light and small, you can easily move it so that it is just next to you – in the bedroom, living room or on the terrace. A mobile structure performs well not only at home but also on trips, expanding functions of the standard crib. The patented rocking system is unique. Babies love it while parents appreciate. Malin is suitable for newborn babies and children up to 9 kg heavy, or until the child can sit on its own.

Safe structure

A properly hard 3-layered mattress supports the baby in a safe flat position. Since you can lift it at the angle, it provides considerable help to parents and babies in case they burp or in case of infections of the upper respiratory tract. A stable structure makes the product a perfect replacement for the traditional crib, as per the standard EN 1130 and EN 16890.

Lionelo Malin Evo - cradle 3 in 1

Convenient, airy and cozy

Soft fabric walls with a mesh on sides cover the baby, providing a sense of comfort and suitable air circulation. You only need to gently touch the crib to rhythmically rock it and cause the baby to recall times when it was still in its mother’s belly. To stop and stabilize the crib, you can use a small and handy lever. It lets you change functionalities when the baby is inside.

Lionelo Malin Evo - cradle 3 in 1

Compact structure

The crib is perfect while you are traveling together. Jointly with the mattress, the product can fit the handy bag with a grip, included in the set. An easy installation system devoid of tools and click-click legs allow quickly folding and unfolding. The carrycot coating and mattress cover can be removed and washed in order to keep them clean and fresh for a long time.

Lionelo Malin Evo - cradle 3 in 1

Lionelo Malin Evo        


More Information
ModelLionelo Malin Evo
Age range0-6 months
Maximum child weight9 kg
Dimensions91 x 60 x 74 cm
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